Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Recycled Art

Belated Easter Greetings to everyone. Here's the latest of my contributions to the Journal 52 project:  Week 16 -  'Recycled Art,' an opportunity to  re-use all those bits and  pieces you have lying around the house to create something...well...let's just say 'different,' in my case.  I've used  an old paper bag, gold foil from our Easter eggs,  magazine pics and designs  and some  flowery material from one of the jars of jam we bought at the weekend's food festival.  The purply starry  bit on the right hand side is from a prompt a few weeks ago that didn't work out.

The result?  Hardly in the Van Gogh league, but never mind, it was fun to do!


  1. Not belated at all: there's 50 days of Eastertide. I suppose, in a way, Easter tells us we're all recycled works of art... Thanks for sharing yours.

    Many joyful Easter blessings to you!

  2. Good point. God's work of art and all that. :)

    Happy Easter!


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